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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule a cleaning?

Call us or fill out the form in the Contact Us page and we will reply back.

Do your cleaners bring their own supplies?

Yes, our maids come prepared with all the necessary supplies and equipment. If you have a special surface or item that requires a special product, you will need to provide that in case it is something we don't use. Please let us know beforehand or when booking the service if you prefer that our cleaners use your equipment instead.

If I book a recurring cleaning, will I get the same team every time?

Yes! That is our goal as well as providing consistency and establishing a level of trust and comfort when someone is not able to be at home for the recurring cleanings.

What is your cancellation policy?

We realize the need to cancel or reschedule a service. We try our best to not charge you a cancellation fee if we are able to replace your job with another one in the event you cancel within 24hrs of your cleaning appointment. There will be a $75 cancellation fee if you cancel within 24hrs and we are not able to replace your appointment.

Is it ok to have pets in the house?

It is okay to have pets in the house. However, please let us know if pets will be present and will be roaming free so our crew will be aware and careful when opening doors. We cannot be responsible for pets getting out when our crew are entering or exiting your home.

Can an estimate change?

We estimate the cost of the cleaning based on the size of your home and assumes that it is not in bad condition. However, once the crew arrives, they will do a walkthrough of your home and assess the current condition and determine if extra time is needed. We will inform you of the needed extra time and get your approval prior so there are no surprises in terms of costs at the end. Recurring cleanings are fixed in price after we have cleaned your place initially unless you require additional tasks, an additional deep cleaning, or the condition of the home is dirtier than in the past.

Will pictures be taken inside my home?

We try to give updates or inform our clients via text messages and sometimes take pictures of items or areas of concern in order to easily communicate with the client. For example, if there is an item that the crew is not quite sure what to do with, we will take a picture of the item in question and text the client asking for instructions as to what to do with the item(s).

Are you in Compliance Depot aka Real Page or Net Vendor?

Yes, we are compliant with both Compliance Depot and Net Vendor which do a background check on our company. These platforms ensure that we have insurance policies that are current and up to standards. We have no problems with signing up with other compliance companies that we are not currently a member of.

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